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Trout Lily Pendant
Trout Lily Pendant
Trout Lily Pendant
Trout Lily Pendant

Trout Lily Pendant

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Trout Lily pendant

Reclaimed sterling silver

Reclaimed 18k gold

Sterling silver 16" chain

The pendant measures 1.5" in length

Thick gauge layered

Hand made 


There is a lot of love and pride that went into making this pendant. I learned another side of making jewelry and I hope that I will always be able to make repurposed jewelry for you. Trout lilies are my favorite wild flower. They are much like the Glacier Lily for you out West folks. There are a few other versions too. When the trout lilies are blooming, that's the best time to flyfish in my neck of the woods. A marvelous time of the year!


The process of melting down old jewelry and rolling it out to repurpose it is time consuming. If you notice a price difference, this is why.