Helpful Shop Update Information

Helpful Shop Update Information:

How New Forged Previews Work:

You will receive an email with a password that will grant you access to preview the entire collection for one hour. (Times vary from one update to the next.)

This allows you to look through tonight's collection without the pressure of having to choose, just yet.

In fact, my hope is you might take your time and enjoy the little stories behind each ware I've produced. Every design is birthed from a personal experience.

The important thing to note, for the preview to work, everything will appear to be *SOLD OUT* which is not the case at all.

At the end of the viewing period, my shop will be unavailable for just under an hour while we prepare for the live update.

Helpful Shop Update Information:

If you see something you want, being logged in to your Shopify/Shop App customer account by/before the scheduled update can be helpful.

However, a Shopify/Shop account is NOT REQUIRED to make the purchase.

Putting the piece into your shopping cart does not reserve it for you. It remains available until the check-out process has been completed. Sometimes it’s worth just buying the one item you can’t live without first, and making a *second purchase.

ApplePay and PayPal are the quickest forms of payment.

*After you secure the piece you want and you go back to purchase additional wares — I will combine the orders and adjust shipping where necessary.

For those of you who are new, monthly collections have been selling out quickly. In more recent updates, 75% - 95% of the wares can be scooped up BEFORE opening the shop to the public.

This is not always the case, but especially so before key holidays and depending on how many wares I release.

It is disappointing and heartbreaking when you can not secure the ONE thing you wanted from a shop update.

Each piece is hand-forged, often from metal I (or my husband) personally reclaimed, and because of the process there will only ever be a limited number available.

I like to believe you are here for that reason. To collect something unique and specially by my own two hands. 

Which brings me to the final note, as a member of my email list you will ALWAYS be the first ones notified of openings for custom orders. While no two pieces will ever be the same, I can do my best to recreate a design you fell in love with!

Thank you for showing up, being here and supporting my art!

DRW Shop Update Communications:


The single best way to never miss a shop update is by signing up for the DRW email. It is 100% free and with the exception of inbox filters, far more reliable than Instagram. There are a few different locations for signing up on the homepage and in the footer of each web page.

If you are on the DRW email list and find that you are still not seeing/receiving the emails, please check your spam and/or promotions folder. Occasionally they are marked as spam and/or promotion and will be automatically filtered. 

To change this, drop and drag one of our emails into your inbox. This tells your email provider that you care about emails from DRW. If you really really never want to miss an update, add DRW to your Contacts.

Ok, so you have done ALL the things but still can’t find the email, and the next update is in 5-minutes — We always include these keywords in every email to make it easier to find:

  • Newly Forged
  • Dirt Road Wares

In theory, the most recently sent email will show up, unless it’s in the SPAM Folder.


For Instagram to be a useful reminder and notifier of upcoming shop updates, it’s not enough to “Follow” @dirtroadwares. Click on our profile, navigate to the Bell Icon 🔔 at the top right corner to the left of the three dots. Click on the Bell Icon to open up the Notifications Window. There you can “turn on” the notifications that will help ensure you do not miss updates. This is something that you can turn on and off.

Updated June 27, 2024