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Night Moves
Night Moves
Night Moves
Night Moves
Night Moves

Night Moves

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Night Moves necklace

Royston Ribbon turquoise

Golden Hills turquoise

sterling silver - reclaimed

28" sturdy sterling silver chain

Oof, this necklace... It's really a story within its nooks and crannies and that's all for you to imagine. The color of the turquoise in this rock is more than I can handle. For the love of wildness.

Made with love - one of a kind, twisted, bent, set, sawn, etched, fired by my own two hands. 

Note to buyer: The reclaiming process is a bit of a long one. Most of the sterling silver I buy is from well used jewelry that isn't being worn anymore or has been broken. I also buy used sterling silverware. I melt it all down and roll it into sheet and wire. This means that I don't have to buy freshly mined silver that is much easier to work with. Reclaimed pieces cost more because of this extra process. In the end, reclaiming metal for my wares is gratifying and worth it to me. I hope you feel the same. With love.