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Great Blue Heron Bolo
Great Blue Heron Bolo
Great Blue Heron Bolo
Great Blue Heron Bolo

Great Blue Heron Bolo

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Great Blue Heron Bolo

Sterling silver - 90% reclaimed

Brass letters

Cowhide leather from rural Kentucky

brass tips

When it comes to birds, the Great Blue Heron is the blue prize winner, every time. I see her as the river keeper. Holy. 

This bolo is made with so much precision. Those letters are hand-sawn by me. Completely hand forged and I loved every minute of it. The tips are repurposed .22 caliber brass casings that were dug from my yard when planting our garden. I love finding bits and pieces from the people that lived here long before me. My older neighbors tell me about the family that lived in a very small cabin on the property without electricity. They raised pigs, fruit trees, had a big garden and lived a very simple life. Repurposing the casings and adding them to this bolo brings joy to me that I am able to take something discarded and forgotten and use it to make something special. The Great Blue heron tracks are all over the creek that runs through our property and seeing them feels like I have found home, forever. This bolo is love. 

Made with love - one of a kind, twisted, bent, set, sawn, etched, fired by my own two hands.